Apples and the First Birthday!

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November 23, 2015 by markhammade

apple birthday

Not too long ago, a good friend called and said I have an idea for my daughter’s first birthday and I want you to make the dress.  Oh and the only information I had was apples and an old-fashioned style.  You can see what we came up with above.

The first thing we did was figure out the style of dress.  We picked a pinafore style and it was just we she had imagined.  The next step was to  find some fabric.  I used my favorite supplier, or errr, I mean shop, The Fabric Cobbler.  Scarlett is amazing!!!

Well, once we got the dress styled and made, it was obvious that Big Sis needed an outfit also!  We picked something simple in a skirt with a matching shirt.  I have to say, what made this set, was the adorable girls!!  Nothing like curls and smiles to make an outfit perfect!!

Let me know if I can work with you for your perfect outfit or set!

God Bless!

Lee Ann


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